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Board Kings Hack for iOS & Android – Get Free Gems Instantly!

Are you a fan of playing board games with your friends? Now you can play it on your mobile device! Board Kings is completely new type of exciting and hilarious multiplayer board game brought to you by Jelly Button, the creators of Pirate Kings. Board Kings combines features from classic board games everyone knows and loves with epic social component and hilariously funny graphics. When you open your first board it is empty - for now. You must roll your dice and move your idol piece around the board. Collect coins and build landmarks for your bunnies and make your board city shine! Win extra prizes like coins, gems, and extra dice rolls when you land on one of the special tiles and collect a free boost card! Build buildings and place landmarks on your board to boost your bunny residents’ happiness to level up. As you are progressing in this game, you will make your bunny residents happy. Collect the pieces of the golden trail to proceed to bigger and better boards! The more you progress, the nicer and better equipped your board is. The Board Kings world has 18 fun and exciting boards waiting for you and your bunnies are working to create more of them! To do all of this, you will need a lot of in-game currency, gems. You can use our cheats to get the maximum out of this game.

How to hack Board Kings?

Do you want to know how to use our Board Kings cheat tool? Well, it is pretty straightforward and simple. First, you will need to watch this video when you visit our website. There you will have a list of tasks that you need to complete before you can harvest your free gems. You will gather points by downloading and trying out various apps from our partners and sponsors. You can exchange your collected points for free in-game gems in our cheat interface. You can use it on every platform because this Board Kings hack is working both on iOS and Android devices. Our experienced developers made sure you get your resources fast and secure. For more details, just watch our video tutorial that shows you how to get free gems by the exact step-by-step method.

Is there a limitation on how many free gems I can get?

With those Gems you can buy all sorts of powerful upgrades and tools for your castle, power up your troops and abilities, so let's simplify it and see that we have the best options to get you those sweet gems. If you are asking us how many gems will you get with this method? We developed the best Board Kings Hack that uses optimized system for earning bonus points. Our Board Kings generator is capable of providing you 14500 gems for every completed task. You will have enough money to fully upgrade your board city and make your bunnies really happy.

About Board Kings Game

Board Kings is an app produced and published by game developing company Jelly Button Games and released for the iOS and Android devices. It was released globally in November 2017. You may know Jelly Button Games for their previous game, Pirate Kings. This game is a free-to-play board game simulation that allows you to enter the world of bunnies, dices and board tile. Most people like at least one of many classic board games. There’s something fun about seeing what twists and turns will happen and maybe the best part of all is getting one win over your friends. Jelly Button Games took this magic formula and combined it with a town building mobile game format to make Board Kings. So grab your dice, chose your game piece, and let’s see if this game is worth to play. Board Kings Game is free to download and play, but real world money can be used to purchase gems, to upgrade your board, bunnies, board tiles and buildings. If you don't want to spend money on this game, you can just use our tool to hack Board Kings for gems.

Our Two Cents About Gameplay!

Playing classic board games is always nice, but the real Board Kings fun begins when your idol piece lands on the train tile, which enables you to travel to another player boards. Visit your friends' boards, destroy and conquer their buildings and take control over their landmark tiles. Steal their coins and go rampage on their board. You just need to make sure not to get caught by the cops that other players set up to defend their boards! If you're visiting and destroying other player’s boards, you can count on other players trying to invade yours. Place police cars across your tiles, keep your eyes open, and chase annoying intruders away. Build police station and upgrade it so you can place more cops on the board. The better you defend your board, the easier you can build it up and make your bunnies happy. The more you build, the bigger the board gets and the more bunnies you will have, which allows you to climb up the leaderboard! Land on the bonus tile and win special features for your board! Extra coins! Extra police cars! It’s always a win to have more than your friends! Unlock and choose epic themes for your board from an endless multiverse of options, and collect all special idols from each theme! You can always use our cheats for free gems.

Board Kings Game Features

We will introduce you to some of the main features of Board Kings game. First, we have Idols. Idols, also referred to as Idolz, represent players in the Board Kings universe. Each board theme has ten unique idols associated with that theme. Of those ten, five idolz are common, three rare, and two legendary, organized in two rows of five. Acquiring a complete row of idols will unlock a special themed dice associated with that theme. Each theme has two associated themed dice, for each row of idols. Idols can be purchased from the Vending Machine with 30 gems each, with an additional free idol every 24 hours. When you start the game tutorial, you will select one of five common idolz from the Main Road theme. Once you complete the tutorial, you will get the other four common idolz to complete the set. Completing this set will unlock the game's default dice, which is standard white with black pips. Bunnies are the creatures that inhabit your board city. They appear as small tan colored figures in the middle of your board with tall pointy ears. Sometimes they will have collectible currency, known as Bunny Pop, which appears as either the cash icon, the gem icon, dice, wild cards, or free cards, depending on what their collectible item is. The faster your city buildings are upgraded and fixed, the happier bunnies will be. When they are unhappy, you will receive less collectible items from the Bunny Pop. Your bunnies' happiness level is displayed on the progress bar in the upper-right corner of the screen. Themes are a feature in Board Kings that give your board a unique look and style. They become available for purchase when a player gets 95 bunnies, and steps on the Vending Machine tile. You can fasten up the process by using our Board Kings gems generator.